Friday, December 2, 2011

Attitude of Gratitude

I think my okra plant is bearing fruit!

Thinking of things you're thankful for each day can bring such a sense of calm and feeling of happiness even when you've been feeling down for so long. It's just a matter of discipline and constant practice but if you do this every day, I promise you, the quality of your life will be so much better. I should know. Although I must admit that I haven't been doing this for a long while and was focusing on the negative side of things and that was when things started falling apart. My husband and I were constantly bickering at each other, I got sick, and our finances dwindled. But once I stopped myself from falling into that old destructive pattern and regained control over my feelings, things started falling into place once again and it's getting better and better.

Anyway, I'd like to start this gratitude journal here on my online self-help blog. You can do the same and as you practice the attitude of gratitude, notice how things begin to become better in your life. It could be small things, it could be big things. Just be aware and continuously practice giving thanks to blessings you receive each passing day NO MATTER WHAT.

For this morning alone, I have three things to be thankful for:
  • By discovering HP Plus for my laboratory tests, I was able to save Php 10,000 on medical expenses.
  • The person who extracted my blood this morning had such gentle hands that I didn't feel a thing. It was a first for me! In the past, whenever I'd get a blood test, the experience was usually painful. Thank God it wasn't today!
  • My husband was with me the whole time and he was more sweet than usual.
When I got home, more blessings greeted me...
  • Our fridge and pantry are full of healthy foods I can eat.
  • Our house with the Christmas decors around is looking lovely as usual.
  • I have a bag of new Nivea products I'm testing which I'll share with you on my other blog.
  • My vegetable plants are growing (both my okra and tomato plants have just sprouted some flowers and maybe even a fruit!)

My tomato plant has flowers now!

Realizing these blessings made me happier today. And because I'm happier, I'm more productive and efficient with everything that I have to do. I even got to do 4 blog posts in between!

I'll also be going out on a fancy dinner date with my hubby tonight, and another fancy dinner date with my parents tomorrow. Those are two more things I am thankful for. How about you? (^_^)

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