Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Unleash the Power of Goal Setting (Fundamentals of Success #7)

When one of our best friends and her sister visited us last weekend, it unexpectedly turned out to be a great two days of not just our typical girl bonding and fun, but hair-raising and mind-blowing realizations as well of how we can pursue success in our respective lives. Thanks to Jack Canfield's book, The Success Principles, I once again took a peek at my past learning which I want to share with you here.

Andrew Carnegie (the richest man in America in the early 1900s) once said:
" If you want to be happy, set a goal that commands your thoughts, liberates your energy, and inspires your hopes."

I went back to my past journals and looked at the goals I've written. The vision I have created for myself from when I was still very young had already come true:

my vision board from more than a decade ago

I am happily married to my one true love; I live in in a beautiful white house; I own a red car; I am surrounded by beautiful wooden furniture that I bought for our house; I travel a lot; I earn in $ and I've already attained my first million in cash.

Years have gone by and I've never really bothered enough to create new vision boards. But I do write my short-term goals in my yellow notebook and as I turned its pages to sometime in September this year when I began searching for more lucrative endeavors, I was happily surprised to see that the particular amount of money I wanted to earn on a monthly basis has already been reached and even surpassed.

Jack Canfield says in his book that to ensure that the goals you have unleash the power of your subconscious mind, it must meet two criteria:
  1. It must be stated in a way that you and anybody else could measure (hence, the very specific amount I stated in my goals notebook).
  2. It should contain a specific date (hence the time frame which I also wrote down).
Goals must be written out in clear, measurable details. For example, I will weigh 120 lbs. by Dec. 31, 2011 at 11:00 pm. It can't be just "I want to lose weight." It should be precise, detailed and measurable.

Goals need to stretch you. They should make you get out of your comfort zone so you can be a master at life. You will need to learn new skills, expand your vision of what's possible, build new relationships, and learn to overcome your fears, considerations and road blocks.

Create a breakthrough goal. This is a goal that makes you fearful and doubles your doubts and considerations. It represents a quantum leap in your career or personal life. It is a goal that will astound you beyond your wildest dreams. If you don't experience fear, considerations and road blocks, it just means that your goal is not that big enough to stretch you and make you grow. I already have mine and it's already in the works. I'm still working out the details of this new goal of mine but basically, it is about creating a sustainable enterprise of beautiful items I consider essential which can help beautify, nourish and enrich other people's lives.

Whatever your goals are, write them down on pieces of index cards and read them every chance you can get. Better yet, create a goals book. Then bring the most important goals with you and carry them in your wallet so when you feel lost and defeated, you can read them again to help motivate you and to keep you moving forward.

Constantly reading your goals is an act that activates the power of your desire. It is this act that increases the "structural tension" in your brain as psychologists call it. The brain will always want to close this gap between your present reality and your vision of the future. By repeatedly reviewing your goals, you are also increasing the structural tension which will ultimately help you achieve your goal.

If you are bored with life, if you don't get up every morning with a burning desire to do things --- you don't have enough goals.

This is according to Lou Holtz, the only coach in NCAA history to ever lead six different college teams to post season bowl games, and a man who also won a national championship and "coach of the year" honors.

So decide what you want, jot them all down, read your goals at least three times a day and each day, do something that moves you toward those goals. (^_^)

Friday, November 11, 2011

Ready or Not

I've done a lot of scary things in my life: I married my first true love with zero money in our pockets; I've jumped off a 15-meter water fall; I did zip lining thrice (one in Lignon Hill in Albay, one in Club Manila East, and one in an Eco Park in Misibis Bay); I almost died while surfing; and lots more. But I think walking into the bathroom this morning and taking those two pregnancy tests were the scariest of them all. My knees were literally buckling under my weight; my body was shaking; I can't breathe... it's like I am being buried alive. I never experienced anything like that before.

Then I opened the kit and read the instructions. I want to do this right so I can be sure. I went downstairs to get an empty disposable container, just like the ones people use when submitting urine specimen. I went back upstairs and locked myself for a few minutes in the master's bathroom. I tried to calm down a bit. Seconds before taking a pee, I finally knew what I wanted.

So I did it. Then I waited. It was only a few seconds of waiting but it felt like forever. Then I saw the line.

I did the same thing to another pregnancy kit. One line.


After that, I feel like I don't ever wanna have sex again. Just to be sure.

People say otherwise, but I really think we're not yet ready for this. I don't know when we'll ever be.

To know a little more about what's behind this story, please read my previous entries on my other blogs:

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Power of Making Space for What You Want

We got it at 50% OFF and it wasn't even on SALE!!!

How did this happen? Read on...

It all started out not so good. I was feeling depressed and severely disappointed with some people. To make things worse, this was causing my acid reflux/GERD to act up. I hate going to the doctor so the next best thing is to practice proper diet, have enough rest and just simply let go of my negative emotions. One thing that helped was talking to Peter about it and telling a few close friends about what I was going through. Retail therapy also helped. Shopping can be really powerful medicine.

Speaking of shopping, last weekend, Peter and I saw this perfect foosball set designed for tournaments. It was on sale at Php8,100. I wanted to buy it right then and there but the frugal girl in me kicked in plus we didn't really have the space for it inside our already well-designed 2-story, 3-bedroom house. But if it's really meant, I figured, I'll eventually get it.

Yesterday, I finally decided to buy it, still not sure where to put it in the house. We can transfer the Narra coffee table set in the balcony but I'm afraid once the stormy season hits, our poor wooden furniture will also take a hit. Our Narra table set has been with us since 2003. It was the first wooden furniture set we bought as a married couple so I was just not about to gamble it away by putting it outdoors.

When we got to the JB Sports shop in Festival Mall where the Foosball is, the one we want was no longer on sale. It was back to its original price of Php10,000 +. And the guy we talked to seemed unfriendly and that really annoyed me so we went across the shop, entered Abenson and ended up buying this 42-inch LED/LCD Sony Bravia TV with a free home entertainment system instead. That made me happy. Our bedroom now feels like being inside an IMAX theater and it's a joy watching my favorite movies in 1080p Full HD!

Then I woke up this morning still wanting to buy that awesome foosball table! I've been wanting to buy one since I first played with it in Boracay back in September 2008. We even scouted all Toy Kingdom branches at that time but to no avail. Then I bought my drums, and a lot of other house stuff and furniture such that there's no more space left for Foosball.

This morning, I said to myself, whether it's on sale or not, whether the guy we talk to turns out to be a moron or not, we will buy my Foosball table. And I WILL MAKE SPACE FOR IT without compromising the safety and quality of our other furniture.

living room/dining room before the rearrangement

the lanai with the Narra table set on the right before the rearrangement

So I spent a good deal of time rearranging our living room and lanai and I was perfectly happy with the outcome. I even got to have two new nooks at home --- a beer nook in the living room, and a reading nook outside the lanai. Then I gave Peter the money and sent him off to buy the Foosball.

the living room with the Narra table set for drinking beer/alcohol while watching TV

the lanai with the space for the foosball table where the Narra set table was before

the Narra bench was perfect for this cozy reading nook outside the lanai

I got to open the nice capiz divider which made the dining area more intimate

It turns out, the Foosball being sold for Php10,000 has some defects and has already been sold. So the store manager called the warehouse with the possibility that there might still be a brand new one in stock but it would cost us Php16,200 with no defects. When I heard this, I didn't really feel bad. I was just ready to accept what the universe has to offer. I did my part, I made space in our house, I gave the money that I could afford to spend, if it's not available at the price we want, then maybe it's not meant.

On Peter's second call, he told me that the warehouse actually has our name on their waiting list since 2008! Apparently, we went to their store in Alabang Town Center and filled out a wait list form. The owner realized this and perhaps out of joy and shame that he never called us, gave Peter 50% discount! So what originally was Php16,200 + ended up to be Php8,100 --- the original price I was looking at two weeks ago, but super duper brand new, as in the box hasn't even been opened yet!!!

Peter immediately paid for it of course. We'll be coming back for my foosball on Saturday and I am so excited! Now, that is the power of MAKING SPACE FOR WHAT YOU WANT. Things turn out a lot better than expected and we even ended up having an awesome HD TV in the process, something we've also been wanting to buy since 2009 too but only found a great deal recently. That one by the way just cost us about 3,999 a month, payable in 12 months starting March 2012. Thank God for my Visa Platinum card. Now, I'm no longer depressed. LOL! :)

I wonder what's the next thing I should make space for? :)

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