Saturday, February 18, 2012

Birthday Thoughts

It's my birthday today and it hit me... I'm old! And I hope wiser too. Since February came around, I've been thinking about OLD AGE--- A LOT! It will still be decades before I hit that mark but I feel like I have to be proactive about ensuring our happy and healthy survival. After all, my husband and I don't have kids and we only have each other to count on when that time comes.  I've also been feeling like I'm no longer the fun-crazed gal I was before. I now think about RETIREMENT too. No thanks to Suze Orman, who I love by the way, but man, her financial advices are really hitting me to the core. Now I just like to make money, save money, invest when possible, and stop myself from spending for unnecessary stuff (budget travels are excluded coz that's the only "luxury" I have left in life, hahaha. Hey, it's educational and enriching too!). After all, we've already accumulated a lot of stuff over the years, stuff that we don't even get to use as often as we want to (like our surfboard, our foosball, or 4 flat screen TVs [omg!4!], our drums, guitar & keyboard [huhu], our old Wii & PSP, my tons of brand new shoes and books.... stuff that just keep on accumulating dust inside our house. Tsk, tsk. Maybe Peter is right, I'm a hoarder and it's time I face that fact. But at least I'm not like those hoarders I see on TV, I can't live like that. I'm still a sensible and neat freak hoarder if I may say so. I think our house is a testament to that.

Maybe this is just a phase but I have a feeling that I am turning into somebody more sensible, more "kuripot", and more mature (I hope!). Sure, I still crave enjoyment but it has now taken a totally different form. And when I say different form, I mean sleep. At least, this is what's happening to me as of late. In my head, I still do make plans that seem to match the energy of a twenty year old but once I'm done for the day and I retire to our bedroom, I just simply fall into blissful slumber. Before I know it, the weekend has turned into one long dreamless sleep and it's Monday once again. There goes my list of fun activities down the drain! Or maybe because I was just feeling sick since last weekend. I didn't have the flu but I had some of its symptoms like aching joints, over-fatigued body, headache, runny nose... Thank God for Vita Plus and Bioflu it was no more than that and I am starting to feel a little better.The Valentine hoopla helped I guess. ;)

So anyway, what's for my birthday? I honestly don't know. I didn't make any plans. I'll let life take me to wherever it takes me. I've been making too many plans for far too long, I think it's time to let go of the lists in the meantime and just let life surprise me, for this weekend at least. Happy birthday, me! (^_^)

Feb. 20, 2012
P.S. Because I let life take me wherever, I ended up having one of the most memorable birthdays ever: Manila Ocean Park, The Pergola, etc. - a Happy Birthday Weekend Celebration

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