Monday, August 17, 2009

The Fundamentals of Success #2: Be Clear Why You're Here

It's been a long while since I last posted on this blog. Did you miss me? I surely missed sharing my thoughts here. It's just that I took some time off practicing what I've been preaching. In my last post about Success Principle # 1, where I mentioned the equation Event + Response = Outcome, I did change some of my life responses in order to get the best results (deeper happiness, better health and more wealth). I learned to give up some jobs in order to give more focus to others that I truly am passionate about, I learned to value my health more by really taking action like attending health seminars, eating the right food, drinking my vegetable juice (that tastes like real fruit!), surrounding myself with happy, healthy and positive people, napping every chance I get when I don't have the time to really sleep due to heavy workload, pursuing my love for acting, investing my money rather than doing some mindless shopping, etc. And the results? I am indeed happier, I increased my net worth, I am more at peace with my life, I am sexier than ever (I lost a couple of pounds in just a week of drinking my veggie juice and I have maintained my desired weight since then), I look younger according to people I meet and I am feeling a lot more excited about life! It's really true... your fate is in your hands. If you want to change and recreate a better life for yourself, all you just have to do is change your responses... act in ways that produce more of what you want!

Now that I've graduated from Success Principle #1, it's time to practice Success Principle #2: BE CLEAR WHY YOU'RE HERE.

What is your purpose? I remember several years ago when I purchased this book "The Purpose Driven Life". I never really finished the book. I think I got lazy reading it and perhaps I just didn't have the right motivation then to really change my life. The book is still with me and I plan to finish reading it one of these days. But in Jack Canfield's book "The Success Principles", I immediately learned how to properly pinpoint what is it that I am really here for. What is really my purpose?

To be "on purpose" means you're doing what you love to do, doing what you're good at and accomplishing what's important to you. When you truly are on purpose, the people, resources, and opportunities you need gravitate toward you. The world benefits, too, because when you act in alignment with your true life purpose, all of your actions automatically serve others.

When I thought about it, I started listing things that I am deeply passionate about and am happy to do even if I don't get paid for it: Acting, VA job, being an advocate for the World Health Organization, my small entrepreneurial biz (Victoria's Secret lingerie, Nail Art) and blogging. It's no wonder that I keep getting more of these things in my life lately.

Brian Tracy, one of America's leading authorities on the development of human potential and personal effectiveness, once said: "Decide upon your major definite purpose in life and then organize all your activities around it." Everything I do should be an expression of my purpose. If an activity does not fit my formula, then I shouldn't work for it. Period. It's that easy. And you know what? Thinking about it, it really is true! Last month, an investment opportunity came to my lap. There was a proposal for me to join an events company. I love going to events but it does not mean that I'd love to organize major events too. I didn't feel good about it, it seemed like I was not aligned with it so I said no. Then very recently, I accepted a job offer for a new travel magazine. I was to become its managing editor. I do love to travel and I do love to write but that does not equate to my being good at being a managing editor. I didn't feel quite right about it and I kept failing to give it time because of my other commitments. So after much prayer and contemplation, I gave it up too. Now I feel lighter and more aligned with my real purpose.

So how do we know what is our purpose anyway? Why are we here?


You will know your purpose because it is that which gives you real joy. So let your emotions guide you. Follow that which gives you bliss and abandon those that give you misery. That's what I did. And I've become more successful today than I was a month ago.

Here's what Jack Canfield taught me in knowing my purpose:

1. List two of your unique personal qualities.
Answers: My being optimistic and my being industrious or hardworking

2. List one or two ways you enjoy expressing those qualities when interacting with others.
Answers: I express my optimism and industry by supporting and inspiring other people through my blogs, through my work, businesses and craft, when I talk to people, attend events, and share my experiences in my online and offline social networks.

3. Assume the world is perfect right now. What does this world look like? How is everyone interacting with everyone else? What does it feel like? Write your answer as a statement, in the present tense, describing the ultimate condition, the perfect world as you see it and feel it. Remember, a perfect world is a fun place to be.
Answer: Everybody is genuinely kind, nice, generous and supportive. Everybody is happy, successful, healthy and wealthy no matter what they do in their respective lives.

4. Combine the three prior subdivisions of this paragraph into a single statement.
Answer: My purpose is to use my optimism and industry to support and inspire others to become happy, successful, healthy and wealthy in their respective lives.

The fourth answer will be your purpose. Mine is:
"My purpose is to use my optimism and industry to support and inspire others to become happy, successful, healthy and wealthy in their respective lives."

Once you have determined your purpose, you should read it everyday. Keep a copy of it and put it in your wallet so you can take a look at it every now and then. Make it your mantra. You may even want to create a vision board about it especially for those who are visually and artistically inclined. This (and your emotions) will be your guide so that you know if the things you do in your life are in alignment with your purpose. When you're aligned, things become easier for you. Life becomes a breeze. So sit back and relax and start discerning what your purpose is. 'Til my next post. Be well! ^_^

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