Saturday, September 24, 2011

PATIENCE - A Paragram by Paramahansa Yogananda

I was doing my meditation last night when I picked up this card from my paragrams. I thought how apt it was especially these days when my life seem to be revolving around things that are in the process of fruition ... like waiting for Peter's business to fully take off, waiting to see my vegetable seeds grow, waiting for the weekend so I can spend time with my personal projects, waiting for my money to come in... waiting to bum around again... waiting... and more waiting.

Come to think of it, my previous post on becoming an inverse paranoid had something to do with patience too. I guess I haven't been doing my best that the universe has chosen to give me a sign in written word, practically shouting: Jen, be patient! Your wishes are at hand...

When tilling ground for the cultivation of crops, one needs patience to destroy all useless weeds; and to wait, even though the ground appears barren, until the hidden good seeds sprout into plants. It requires still more patience to clear the field of consciousness that is overgrown with weeds of useless attachments to sense pleasures, which are very difficult to uproot. Yet when the field of consciousness is cleared, and sown with seeds of good qualities, plants of noble activities sprout forth, yielding abundantly the fruits of real happiness. Above all, have the patience to seek communion with God through deep meditation and to become acquainted with your indestructible soul, hidden within your perishable earthly body.

Sometimes I forget how God's blessings swoop in the minute I rid my mind of "weeds" such as worries, negative thoughts and undesirable feelings. There's a certain discipline to it. It's a lot like love such that you say yes to it even when you don't feel in love because that's the commitment you made.

Same thing with cultivating good thoughts, positive feelings and actionable results. Even when at first the ground seems barren, the roots of blessings are forming and before you know it, harvest season is at hand.

So Jen... be patient. ^_^

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