Friday, April 9, 2010

MAGNETISM - A Para-Gram by Paramahansa Yogananda

Spiritual magnetism is a drawing, uplifting, expanding power. It is a quality of the Spirit. By soul magnetism in man, a person draws to himself friends and desired objects, and acquires profound knowledge. You should strive for that magnetic power, which has limitless range and depth. You can develop spiritual magnetism by deep meditation upon Aum (Amen, the Word) and God. Through its divine power, you can accomplish in your life the materialization of all your constructive ambitions. God's magnetic drawing power is in you. If you radiate love and goodwill to others, you will open the channel for God's love to come to you. Through meditation and service to mankind, you will develop divine love, the magnet that draws to you all good.

Since I was a kid, I've always been interested in spirituality,the concept of the divine, the higher power if you will. This curiosity got me interested in becoming a nun when I was ten years old, then experimenting with another religion as an adolescent. I am Roman Catholic on paper. Then some time back in college, I was baptized a born-again Christian. Somewhere along the way, I lost my faith and became an atheist. But that just brought me nothing but misery, and so I turned agnostic instead. I've been an agnostic my whole young adult life. I do believe in what most people call "God", a higher power which I believe we will never ever fully understand, but it's there. I even have this theory (which I got from my husband, and which he got from Stan Lee) that after this higher power, this God, created all that there is, He just simply moved on and abandoned us (in a non-negative kind of way). I mean, think about it. The Catholic Bible says that we are all created in His own image and likeness. Therefore it means, that we all have the capacity within us to be Gods ourselves, to create our own worlds too, our own reality. And many of us have been doing that for the longest time that's why our species keep surviving, we keep discovering better things for us. I mean, He is God after all. He can choose to abandon us and move on to greater things if He wants to. This higher power has already given us everything that we could possibly ever need to thrive and live in peaceful bliss. We have this beautiful Earth in which we live in (it's just too bad that we are destroying it in the process too), we have our free will to be able to do what we want, we have our conscience and intuition to help guide us to the right path (it's just too bad also that most of us choose to ignore them), we can become magnets (we actually already are and many of us just don't know how to use it) so we can attract and gravitate towards us the things, people, and events that we want. So what else can we yearn for?

I've tested this theory a few times recently. Through meditation upon this higher power, I was able to get some simple things I want. Simple things like having the house renovated (all of a sudden, I got three jobs to help pay for it), wanting to travel on weekends (I've been doing that almost every other weekend since January came in), wanting to just laze around the house and relax (I easily let go of my two jobs without any no fuss), then an opportunity came for me to help my siblings financially (I easily got one job back as if on will). It's as if, whatever it was that I needed at that particular moment (without the greed and just purely out of love and search for inner bliss), the universe simply gave it to me. Other people out there don't have it this good. Perhaps, if we all just learn to tap into this spiritual magnetism in all of us, the lives that we all have now can be so much better.

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