Monday, September 29, 2014

Breathe, Smile Now Meditation Retreat

I've mentioned in my Sexy Nomad blog that the month of September is a magical month for me because of a series of events which are perfectly unfolding according to my needs and wants. Just to summarize, I've been wanting a new kind of lifestyle, an upgrade from the current one I have been enjoying since I retired from government service in Dec. 2007. By upgrade, I do not mean material things, prestige, or wealth per se (though these things will naturally happen should I stay true to my chosen path). I just want a change of routine, greater responsibilities and bigger venue for learning and growth. I want to be the best Jen Adams I can be and use my potential to the fullest. Hence, my September has been a very busy one and it still is.  And with everything I am doing, I am very much in need of respite for the month of October so I can recharge and better prepare myself for bigger things to come.

So on October 16-19, God-willing, I am attending the Breathe Smile Now 4-day Mindfulness Retreat. I remember in 2012, when I attended the two-week Meditation Retreat and International Youth Seminar in Taiwan, I came back much more rejuvenated and ready to accept more blessings which was why I have been traveling non-stop for two years. I asked the universe for more travel opportunities and through the help of the meditation retreat I attended, I became more calm and centered and aligned with the universe that I became an automatic recipient of the things I wanted. This is because meditation can help a person become attuned to his/her subconscious which is where inspired ideas come from and from there, dreams can start materializing.

This 4-day mindfulness retreat will happen on October 16-19, 2014. Venue is in Mariapolis Center in Tagaytay. Weekend-only participation also possible. For more details and to register go to

For more information about the retreat like the schedule, who will be conducting and other benefits you will get, please head to this link:

If you are a busy person like me, or someone who just wants to relax or someone in need of  inner peace once again it's about time that we experience and enjoy mindfulness, meditation, and our collective loving and nurturing energy.

This is our appointment with life: "Breathe, Smile, Now" :)

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