Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Benefits of Meditation (Things I Learned in Taiwan)

Aside from my Monastic Diaries, I also started blogging about my 2-week Life and Ch'an retreat in Taiwan. Below are my favorite quotes and teachings from the seminars I attended presided by Buddhist monks during Day 3 of my Taiwan trip.  I want to share them here with you as you might also find them inspirational.

"No one can help solve the depression within your heart. The only solution is to understand the heart of your depression. Only this way can you let go of your problems. Your environment and those in it is ever-changing. Are you affected by these changes? Are you vexed when things don't go your way?"

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  1. Same here, I think my attachment to what I think I'm right and what I want sometimes causes frustration and depression. Thank you for sharing "views after enlightenment" #4 is for me "To be in difference, but not be prejudiced." :)


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