Saturday, May 15, 2010

CHEERFULNESS - A Paragram by Paramahansa Yogananda

Cheerfulness consists principally in the attitude of the mind, and is conditioned only incidentally by outside factors. Your happiness need not die, stricken by poverty, sickness, or sorrow. Realize that enough hidden strength lies within you to overcome all obstacles and temptations. Bring forth that indomitable power and energy by being cheerful at all times in spite of your circumstances. Only when you lose your mental balance are you vulnerable to suffering. If you are burned by the fire of difficulties, apply the salve of cheerfulness until your inner balance and peace are restored.

Have you ever experienced one bad thing happening to you after another? What do you do to bounce back? What can you do to be able to take a deep breathe, detach yourself from the situation, and move on?

Many people I know tend to have a hard time going forward with their lives whenever something tragic happens to them. I guess it's human nature. Nobody's perfect and we have to sometimes allow ourselves to sulk, mope, eat lots of ice cream or do whatever it is to make the hurt and pain go away. For some, the process is easy. For others, it can take time and effort, resources which can be scarce, given the busy lives people tend to live today.

But then again, who says that life is easy? Well, I know I did say that before. And I still believe it until now, even when I'm busily burying myself in work, trying to ignore the pain caused by my PC and external drive crashing down on me (where my most precious memories and confidential files since 2002 were saved), and even when I seldom sleep anymore. Life is easy and if it's hard right now, it's because I am making it so.

Nobody told me to work 24 hours a day. Everyone kept saying to back up, back up, back up! Nobody forced me to be miserable. And I am stopping now. There are more severe problems out there in the world, like maybe the fact that our country just recently voted for the next President (Noynoy Aquino) and already, they are clamoring for his removal from office. See? My problems are so tiny next to what our country will be facing in the next several years.

Cheerfulness, just like love and happiness are not only gifts. They are both our right and obligation to ourselves because we deserve no less. Cheerfulness must come from within, even in the most dire of circumstances. It's just life. Sometimes we have it all, sometimes we don't. Let's move on and make new memories, create new blessings, live better lives. Today is always the perfect day to start. Aren't we Pinoys known to be one of the most cheerful race? So, who's with me?


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