Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Power of Discernment

In my last post I wrote: "Make sure the choices you make are consistent with your inner values. By aligning everything in your life, you are aligning yourself with the universe. When you are aligned with the universe, we all know what happens next.... your life will then be a series of one miracle after another."

I took my own advice when the job I was pursuing didn't feel right anymore. After pursuing something that I thought I would love to do for the rest of my life, I realized that it was not the case. Ever since I learned about The Secret in 2007, I have become more aware of my emotions and my varying states of being. I have somehow developed this habit of knowing when I am one with the universe and when I am not. Our emotional guiding system, when discerned and used properly, is really a tool leading us to the right path in our lives. When you feel that you are at peace, happy and abundant then you know that the direction you're taking is the correct one.

At that time, I was doing everything I can to keep loving my job because truth be told, I loved it! I was excited by it! I didn't know anything about it but I was willing to learn. After all, it is a very prestigious one and it took a very rigorous process before I was even offered apprenticeship. However, I also didn't want it to be just about that. I've already spent the last 6 years of my life sticking it out in a job I didn't like but a million other people will die for because of the huge monetary benefits it offered. But I don't want history repeating itself. I've already learned my lessons in that and I wanted to move on. So as soon as I experienced the telltale signs, I acted on it. I quit and started pursuing those other unconventional things that I loved to do since I was a little girl. Money is not so great (yet) but I am happier, healthier and more full of love than ever. Now, that's a very strong indication that I am doing something right. And since then (it's been roughly four weeks since I left that job), I noticed that blessings have been pouring more often and a lot faster than usual. That's how the universe works. It likes speed and results! Most of the time, it's just us who are putting hindrances to the blessings that can't wait to fall on our lap. So let's try to make them come easier and a lot faster! Listen, act and believe. Then life gets easier.

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  1. Hi Jen!

    I really enjoy reading your entries. I wish I can be at the same state as you are: happy and at peace. I am at a crossroads now.

    "After pursuing something that I thought I would love to do for the rest of my life, I realized that it was not the case."

    ...This is how I am feeling right now. I know all the signs are telling me that I am not at the right job, but I don't know what will happen to me should I quit my job now.

    But reading your posts, it gives me a sense of hope. I am now trying to discern what's the next best move I can make to move forward and be on my way to fulfillment...Rather, be fulfilled with wherever I am right now...

    Thanks, Jen! Blessed Be... =D



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