Monday, May 25, 2009

One Way To Beat Stress

Before I continue with my posts on Jack Canfield's Success Principles, let me share with you a little bit about stress. I read something about it a few minutes ago and it just struck me so hard that I needed to immediately write something about it.

There are numerous kinds of stress --- emotional, mental, social, spiritual, acute, chronic, etc. Just thinking about these things can be stressful enough so let me focus my post on the spiritual kind of stress, one that I can most relate to right now and one that I'd like to share some thoughts about.

Spiritual health pertains to a person's purposefulness in life. Without it, then you have spiritual stress. Those who go through life aimlessly, most often than not, tend to experience chronic stress, mental breakdown & emotional fatigue. Take for instance a person whose core value revolves around his family yet he spends so much time at work that he rarely gets to see his family. Sooner or later, the stress will catch up on him making him feel burnt out, exhausted, irritable and much worse, sickly and depressed.

As for me, my core values revolve around my being able to do what I want which are: pursue a job that I want no matter what, be able to blog, be able to write about helpful stuff, be able to spend time with my other little hobbies like acting, playing my guitar, keyboards and drums. It's no wonder that I am happy most of the time. I may be lacking sleep, I may be very exhausted all the time due to the demands of my work but because I'm doing what I love to do, I really don't mind the little physical inconveniences. I feel healthier than ever and I am always in good spirits.

So folks, take a little time to think about what you're doing. Is your lifestyle a reflection of your core values, your desires, your needs and wants? If yes, then great! If not, do you find yourself more stressed than usual (either mentally, emotionally or socially)? Do you feel like you're getting farther and farther away from the direction you'd like to go to? Then stop, reorganize, prioritize and start living your life. Being spiritual doesn't necessarily mean you have to be religious. It's much deeper than that. It is being able to discern the voice of "God" (something greater than all of us that we can never fully comprehend) and know your purpose and be able to act on that purpose. Make sure the choices you make are consistent with your inner values. By aligning everything in your life, you are aligning yourself with the universe. When you are aligned with the universe, we all know what happens next.... your life will then be a series of one miracle after another. You will experience joy and blessings like you never did before. Try it! It is never too late.

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  1. Jen!!!

    Thank you for this!

    I had been in a funk lately and this agrees with what I chose to do today: realign myself with the paradigm that I want to have..

    Thank you so much for being a blessing.

    Love you!!!

  2. Hi Lorie!

    I'm glad I can be of help. We still need to have that coffee date some time soon. Love you, girl! God bless! :-)

  3. huwaaaaww!!! hooraaaay!!! it's really, really inspiring!!!! keep it up

  4. your post is really inspiring...thank you for the motivation you have given me....i'm learning so much from your posts.... i hope you would create more posts that will help inspire people to be the best that they can be...hehehhe

  5. wow.. ur blog gives more inspiring thoughts..before i dont interested in making blog but when i read about this/your blog and give me inspiration to make me a blog so here me now making a blog just to search for a friends and also share what thoughts of mine is... thank you and godspeed..

  6. Hi jayniffer joy! Thanks for visiting. I'm glad this blog has inspired you in some way.Take care always and God bless!


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