Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Who is Kicking Pinay?

Growing up, I have witnessed and experienced a lot of negativity around me. Although we were not very poor, there were a lot of times my siblings and I weren't able to eat right. We got by with the help of a few kind relatives and even strangers from beyond. But still, ghosts of my family's past kept on coming back to haunt us. My mom used to be a total nag, an emotional wreck and a big spender, my dad had the worst of vices, my brother attempted to kill himself several times, my sister grew up physically abused and I...well, I almost had a mental & emotional breakdown.

But all that is in the past. My mom is a lot happier these days, my dad is busy with a small home-based business he has, my brother is now a very responsible father and provider, my sister is a millionaire living independently while helping out our family and I am living the life I want: stress-free, with financial and time independence.

What matters now is the way I choose to live my life, hoping to encourage others like me to rise above their current situation and become stronger, better and happier. We have the power within us to change our lives the way we want it to be. It is here, inside of us, whether we believe it or not. It only takes a certain level of acknowledgment, acceptance, belief and hard work to make one's way to a life of greater possibilities.

This blog will talk about overcoming challenges, problems and difficulties from the most mundane to the most complex of cases. Eventually, it will feature other Pinays with a "kicking" attitude --- those who persevered and succeeded, those who did not easily give up, those who continue to live a full life. It will tackle subjects like success, good health, freedom from want, wealth and happiness to name a few. It will not focus on the negative but rather use it to find one's purpose in life... one's ultimate destiny... or at least try to. It's one of the simplest things I can do to show my gratitude to a transcendental power that continues to give life to us all. That and ultimately following my own advice, of course.

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  1. Good luck on this! Keep us posted... :)

  2. 3 things...

    1. AMEN to the 3rd paragraph;
    2. Good luck on your new blog...this will definitely inspire a lot of people;
    3. I kinda felt a Freudian undertone to the blog is very clever though...

    Tita Vina

  3. Kicking Pinay...Is this a Joke or something?

  4. Thanks Ria! I'm working on the next article now. :-)

  5. Thanks Tita Vina! Peter was the one who thought of the name "kicking pinay" a long time ago. He had a different vision for it though. But because he is so busy, I thought of using the name but in a different light. I find it really catchy and I hope you like it. ^_^

  6. Hi Anonymous! If it's still not obvious to you whether this is a joke or not, well I must tell you then, KICKING PINAY IS NOT A JOKE. Therefore, it is something... something that aspires to inspire people who have the desire to make little and big changes in their lives. Though the blog title KICKING PINAY may sound Freudian to you, the whole concept of this blog is not. That is why the word "Kicking" comes with a C. ^_^ So I hope you bookmark this site and enjoy the ride as it helps Pinays become bigger (more successful) and better.

  7. hi there Ms kicking,
    we get it po. it's not a joke.
    but you have to agree at some point that the reason it sounds "Freudian" as you say, is because of the word Pinay itself, which lends to the assumption of the language, and not by virtue of us having an extra Y chromosome.
    (is there some inkling of an insight there? i dunno.)
    at the least i suggest appending a "the" at the beginning. yun lang po.

  8. @Duduy,

    Buddha once said “ Believe nothing. No matter where you read it, or who said it, even if I said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.”

    I thank and respect you for your suggestion. I hope you respect the title I've made for this blog too. ^_^

  9. in this time and age where the world is plagued by crisis left and right, i say that this new blog of yours is very timely.

    im sure you will continue to inspire more people. :)

  10. Hi eRLyn,

    I am glad you find this new blog helpful. I only wish to pass on what I know hoping that you ( and my other readers) will practice the teachings and pass on the message to others as well.

    Live well! :-)

  11. Wapak! Lakas ng sipa! very motivational :)

    I spent years as a Marxist until i crashed and burned. Been reading up on Osho and all the Buddhist tenets and now this blog. Keep the +positive+ and good vibes coming :)


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