Friday, May 8, 2009

Positive Thinking Works

One busy evening, I was asked by a male friend of mine online: "How can you always stay so positive?". I surmise that many of my friends are wondering about the same thing too but he was the one brave enough to actually ask me. I replied that it's something I have always inculcated in myself since way back in college. A decade later, I am finally reaping its benefits.

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Positive Thinking Works


  1. Hi Jen,

    Congratulations in your new endeavor. Im sure this will help a lot of people. And the title is a kick-ass as well! More success!


  2. Thanks for this post Ms. Jen...i'm an avid follower/reader of all you're blogs...I really wanted to post comment but i have difficulty in composing english...thou i know that sometimes i became a trying hard individual to write & speak english at least i tried and i believe na practice & perseverance ma improve (perfect) ko rin ang english writing skills ko...whooaaa nosebleed ako ha...

  3. Thanks twopenneth! It is my wish to help as many people as possible through this blog. ^_^

  4. Hi Anonymous! I admire you for persevering in something you'd like to be better at. I assure you, with constant practice, you will eventually be very good at this skill... Just keep talking, writing and speaking in English. Think in English if you can! Study English grammar books and sites online. Join English classes. Have someone check your work and correct you when you're wrong. Keep at it and never give up!

    Do you know that some of the smartest people I know started off even worse? Some were even dyslexic (couldn't read and write properly) and now, they are very articulate and well-versed.

    Let me tell you, I was in in remedial English class myself back in college. But through constant study and practice, I graduated with an average of A in my English class that year. So continue and never give up, okay? I'm just here if you need help.

    P.S. Thank you for reading my blogs. Take care and have a great weekend ahead! :-)

  5. Thanks so much Ms. Jen for the very inspiring reply to my comment...God Bless to your future endeavor in life....

  6. positive thinking i beleive is a pre-requisite to faith=)

    hope you can visit back =)

  7. tnx ms jen for the inspiring blog i'm so really upset as i am browsing for an inspirational articles to make my spirit high again' i stumbled on your blog.....

  8. Hi Anonymous,

    I hope you're feeling better now. Just keep on smiling and know that whatever it is that makes you upset, it, too, shall pass. :)

  9. Love your blogs!
    I am, in a sense, a 'sexy nomad", too~a 'free spirit"!! heheh ☺
    I can 'totally relate' to everything you write.
    Keep it up, Girl! ♥

  10. Hi Food Morning, Bacolod!

    Thanks for your wonderful comment. <3
    I do think there's a Sexy Nomad in all of us. ;)


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