Monday, January 23, 2012

The 30-day Challenge

Today is the Chinese new year. We're now entering the year of the Water Dragon and more than the prediction of the end of the world according to the Mayan calendar, we should focus on the great things that 2012 has to bring. In essence, the year of the Water Dragon will bring so much blessings to those who are generous and kind, to those who are embarking on new adventures and those who  make this world a better place to live in. All of us can do our part, even if it means just changing one bad habit. After all, habits are what make the success and failure patterns  of our life. It's those little things we do everyday on a consistent basis that will dictate the direction our life is taking. 

Do you notice that there are people who always make their dreams come true while there are others who always seem to run out of luck? It's all about their habits. Success and failures are not actions. They are the results of the habits we do every single day. 

Perhaps, you have this small habit of watching TV for extended hours instead of exercising or doing something more productive. Maybe you're the type who is perpetually late for work. Maybe you have this habit of putting off urgent matters. Or maybe you smoke too much and would like to quit but just can't. These are just some of the things a lot of us wish we can change to make our lives a little better but somehow, we always fail at stopping them. I've been there before. I've smoked myself to sickness; I've bummed for a long period of time; I was always late for work; I used to procrastinate all the time. On several different occasions, I just decided to stop them and replace them with new and good habits and since then, my life has been better. If I can do it, so can you. 

  1. Choose ONE bad habit you have and replace it with something else. Maybe you start your day facebooking and before you know it, unproductive hours have passed and you're late for work.
  2. Be specific with what you want to accomplish. For example, instead of saying "I will exercise everyday." make it "I will go to the gym and exercise from 6-8am, MWFSun and go biking around the village 6-8am TThSat."
  3. Once you find a replacement for your bad habit,  do it for thirty days. According to psychologists, 21 days is actually enough to stop any bad habit. But we want to go beyond the passing grade so we're going for thirty. 
  4. Do it consistently. If you stop, then it's back to zero and back to day 1.
  5. Study the good habit you want to acquire. Perhaps, you want to start a small home business. So instead of watching telenovelas at night, you can spend an hour or two of research online about this business that you want to pursue.
  6. Find support. Ask friends, families and colleagues who may be embarking on the same endeavor as you. Find a gym buddy, a business partner, or friends who will want to support you in your pursuit of better life. 
If you do this every month, by the end of 2012, you would have changed 12 bad habits and acquired 12 awesome ones! Think how better your life will be by then!

The Chinese New Year is another opportunity for us to start what we failed to achieve last year, or failed to do the start of this year. Happy Chinese New Year to all and may all our dreams come true!

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