Saturday, December 31, 2011

Vision Boards and Guide Folders for a Better New Year

My new vision board for 2012 and beyond.

I spent about five hours from dawn til morning creating my vision board and guide folders. Having a vision board is an amazing tool to help any person achieve his/her goals. According to Jack Canfield, author of of The Success Principles, if you have trouble seeing your goals, use pictures, images and symbols you collect to keep your conscious and subconscious mind focused on your goals. Once you have created these images, you can place them on a dream board or make a collage on a bulletin board, a refrigerator door, or somewhere where you will see them everyday. I placed mine on my office wall, right in front of my computer.

I've been using my old vision board since Oprah taught me how to do it in 1999. Everything I pasted on that old vision board has already come true.

my super old vision board (since 1999)

I made a smaller one which I posted on my 2009  Belle  de Jour planner before but that one got forgotten.
 My 2009 vision board which got neglected when I stopped using my BDJ planner

My brand new vision board contains both new aspirations as well as old and neglected longings of my heart. Basically, I just want balance, deeper happiness and a sense of fulfillment in my life this new year; I want less clutter and more focus; I want to be who God created me to be.

And so aside form my vision boards, I also recycled some of the folders I have collected from blogging events before and turned them into guide folders. What are these things?

 My guide folders

Through the years, I have collected a ton of magazines that I seldom open and read anymore. As I was going through them while cutting images for my vision board, I came across some articles I resonated with. It would be quite tedious to go through them once again sometime in the future just so I can read whatever it was that caught my interest, so I cut them out and placed them on separate folders which I decorated a bit to add more flair. I'll continue putting article cutouts that I find useful so anytime I need inspiration or information, it'll be much easier to access them, hence, less clutter and more efficiency.

where I place articles about Yoga, inspirational stories and Feng Shui
 where I place articles about old and new places I want to visit next

where I place articles about business suppliers, business ventures, entrepreneurial hobbies and the likes

this is a special folder for VERY urgent matters that need to get done

I set aside another folder for all my medical files

Doing these things was not only fun for me to do, but it also helped organize my life and de-clutter my mind. I think I am now more ready to face 2012.

How about you? How are you preparing yourself for the coming new year? (^_^)

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