Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Fundamentals of Success #6: Become an Inverse Paranoid

This next principle has proven to be very valuable for me. You see, the past several years, I have been conditioned by certain events in my life to be a little extra careful. And there are times when I get too paranoid that I start thinking people are out to get me!

At some level, this kind of paranoia can be helpful. I tend to be cautious of my surroundings when I travel, I double check everything before leaving the house and before going to bed, I make lists, I have contingency plans in case things go wrong. I am O.C. that way. On the other hand, it would be better and more helpful for my well-being if I apply this principle of being an inverse paranoid. Instead of thinking that bad people are out to get me, why not think that people and circumstances are out to help me get what I want? And so, I have this mantra that I include in my daily meditation: "All great things are coming to me. People and opportunities are part of a plot to enhance my well-being." Because of this mindset, I am slowly letting go of my paranoia and replacing it instead with good, positive vibes. After all, there is opportunity in everything, no matter how difficult certain circumstances might be.

If you take the approach that "good" is not an accident --- that everyone and everything that shows up in your life is there for a reason --- and that the universe is moving you toward your ultimate destiny for learning, growth, and achievement, you'll begin to see every event, no matter how difficult or challenging, as a chance for enrichment and advancement in your life.

And when that time comes that things seem to fall apart, just know that God must have something better in store for you. Rather than thinking what a loser you are, change your paradigm and believe that it's just not meant and something greater is about to happen. Practice this and see how it goes.

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